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At Manhattan Pain and PT we are a certified therapy practice located in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. It is our mission to provide our patients relief to their pain through new and traditional physical therapy techniques. Whether your pain is caused from an accidental injury you’ve suffered or through a hereditary condition such as arthritis, our physical therapist will evaluate your pain and get you on your way to living a pain free life.

Physical Therapy Techniques

When you are in search of a physical therapist, you want to be sure that you find someone who can accommodate the type of pain you are suffering from as well as the necessary treatment. Our therapy practice continuously researches and incorporates new practices that are fit to benefit the condition of each individual patient. Our techniques also include traditional therapy methods such as exercise that will be performed in our private office and at home to help strengthen patients throughout treatment and lead them to a rapid recovery.

Pain Evaluation

There are many different reasons you may be experiencing constant pain throughout your body. Each human body responds differently to pain; no matter where the pain may be, prolonged or chronic discomfort is annoying and sometimes unbearable. As physical therapists it is our job to conduct a pain evaluation for each individual patient in order to determine the finest method of treatment for your condition. After your pain evaluation, we will discuss various treatment options and the pros and cons of each choice. Together we will create a treatment plan with attainable goals, all set at your pace, that will begin to free you of the constant pain which no one should have to endure.

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Manhattan Pain and PT is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, NYC within easy access of several trains. For our patients convenience we are available Monday through Friday from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. To schedule a same day appointment or consultation contact us at (646) 663-5898. For further information regarding our physical therapy practice email us at


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